Homeowners usually neglect their guttering system. As a matter of fact, they just seem to go worse and unnoticed yet, they purposely neglect it. Let’s accept it, guttering system may be downright hazardous to reach and is a hassle to maintain it clean. In addition to that, it is understandable that maintaining and inspecting their gutters isn’t at the highest of everyone’s list however, did you know that those dirty and old gutters could possibly be destroying the integrity of your house? The following are some of the things which can slowly destroy or damage your home: 

1. Roof Problems 

A guttering system clogged with leaves, plastics and any other debris fail to properly drain the water. If snow and water can’t drain, then it pools on your roof. Having said that, the extra weight not just puts a lot of strain on the roof resulting to early aging but seeps underneath the roof tiles, as well, resulting to water damage to your drywall and wooden support structures inside your house. Furthermore, during the winter season, backed up water pooled in clogged gutters freezes making ice damming. Once the temperatures start to rise up, the ice then melts leading to a rush of water which can leak into your roofing interior resulting to decay or rot and some other damages. 

2. Leaks 

Improperly and poorly maintained guttering system can actually develop leaks and small holes. In cases of the metal gutters, they usually lead to deterioration and rust. The entire guttering structure will begin to fade away in the long run and suddenly collapse posting a hazard to your family and home. 

3. Pest Issues 

Pests and some other kinds of insects want moisture. Water which leaks into your sidings and roofs from damaged gutters, attracts different sorts of unwanted guests. The moist wood gives enough food and the best nesting habitat for annoying pests. Termites, cockroaches and even ants will start taking up residency inside the walls of your home. 

4. Foundation Problems 

Just as pooling or trapping water can lead to roof issues, incorrect draining of the water collects against the siding of your home causing damages to your home’s foundation as well. As the water slowly absorbs, it starts to leak into your basement. The basement that is filled with water brings the homeowners to another new sets of issues. Aside from that, a wet concrete foundation expands and contracts during an extreme freeze and thaw cycles during winter. The constant upheaval results to structural problems such as settlement issues and cracks. 

5. Landscape Problems 

Oversaturation of water can kill or destroy plants situated under the leak. A drip or two on your head while passing by on the sidewalk beneath the gutter leak is actually the least of your issues. Also, the sidewalk can suffer cracks and sagging from the additional weight and become an ice during the winter season making them a safety risk. Fortunately, professional Gutter cleaning in Buffalo Grove service providers can help you maintain your gutter system.