How to Professionally Unclog Your Toilet? 

Having a clogged toilet is definitely one of the worst fears we have. Luckily, unclogging a toilet is not that difficult to do at all. Even the most challenging clogs you may encounter can easily be remedied. Here is an easy to follow guideline to help all of us to unclog a toilet effectively.  


Do not fill up the toilet bowl even more 

When the water appears to nearly overflowing out of your toilet, the best thing to do would be to take the lid off the tank as fast as you can and then close the toilet flapper, which tends to release water from the tank and into the bowl. When you are concerned that your flush can possibly turn into a flood, make sure to remove the top before pulling the trigger.  Then, you can put your hand to the flapper while the other hand will be pushing the flusher. As soon as the water rises, you are prepared to prevent the flood.  

Use the proper plunger 

After you’ve averted the disaster, get the right plunger. For you to utilize a plunger effectively, you should seal properly between the toilet bowl and the plunger. The best plunger for this would be the funnel-cup plungers, which have added a piece or flange that extends off the rubber cup’s bottom.  

Warm-up your plunger 

If your plungers are hard and stiff, they won’t be as effective as those pliant and soft ones. So, before using your stiff plunger, make sure to run it under some hot water to help make the rubber soft. This can help you have a greater seal on your toilet bowl. 

Do proper plunging 

In the bowl, try sticking the plunger in and utilize it to create a solid seal on top of the hole’s exit. Remember that the pullback is essential. Give it some good down and up strokes using your plunger and flush the toilet. Once the water becomes clear from the toilet, then you have finally unclogged it. Once the toilet begins to overflow once more, all you have to do is to close the flapper so that the water will be stopped from reaching into the bowl. Keep on repeating this sequence until you have successfully eliminated the clog on your toilet bowl.  

Add dishwasher detergent and hot water 

Add a couple of cups of hot water to your toilet bowl before you begin to plunge. After pouring the hot water in, allow it to sit for some time. To simply explain this, the heat can aid to break the dung up, making it easier for you to unclog your toilet with a plunger. The hot water’s heat can help the clog to break up sometimes without the need to plunge. Hence, this is ideal to use once you happened to clog your friend’s toilet bowl and you don’t want to dare ask for a plunger.  

However, if these guidelines did not work for you, you can always ask for assistance from the best plumbers in Santa Maria